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Funeral Insurance Windsor - Simple, low cost plan

No-one wants to leave their loved ones with a financial burden after they are gone and with the costs of funerals and cremations going up it's prudent to have your funeral expenses covered. Funeral cost insurance is really the minimum coverage everyone should have and it's easy to obtain and surprisingly affordable.

Do I need a Medical Exam?

Not many people realize this but it is not always necessary to have a medical exam to obtain life insurance. We offer no medical life insurance from Canada Protection Plan, Canada's leading provider of no medical life insurance to our clients in Windsor. While it is true, people that prefer to have a medical exam typically pay lower monthly premiums, the difference may be much less than you think and we have lots of clients that choose no medical insurance to avoid the stress, inconvenience and intrusion.

When does the coverage begin?

With our policies coverage begins immediately. You may have heard horror stories of people that have responded to ads or cold call phone calls from unsrupulous salesmen and signed up for funeral expense insurance only to find that they that coverage doesn't begin until they have paid into the policy for 2-3 years. If you have such a policy we urge you to check the small print, look for defered policy of "deferment period", then contact us if you would like a more attractive alternative.

How much will it cost?    

Funeral expense insurance is highly affordable. Your monthly cost will depend on a number of things such as how much you want to cover, you age and some simple questions. Simply fill in the form on this page for a FREE, no obligation funeral insurance quote backed by expert knowledge and advice.

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What Can I Expect.

Brian A. Price and Associates are professionally licensed insurance brokers. Requesting a quote from Brian Price you can expect the following:

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