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Declined Life Insurance - What you can do about it

There are numerous reasons for being declined life insurance. The good news is, just because your current insurance company declined to insure you, that does not mean life insurance is no longer an option.

There are hundreds of insurance policies available from dozens of insurance companies, the challenge is to match your specific circumstances to a policy that caters for people like you. That's where we come in. We are experienced, knowlegable insurance brokers that specialize in finding the best possible life insurance policy for hard to insure cases.

We are regularly approached by customers that have been declined life insurance by one of the larger insurance companies and are often able to secure life insurance for people that have previously been declined.

Why Life Insurance is Declined

There are numemature couple declined life insurancerous reasons why insurance companies decline to insure individuals. Life insurance companies make an assessement of a persons risk and decide whether to offer insurance based on their underwriting guidelines (which risks they are prepared to insure).

Stroke, obesity, foreign travel, alcohol or drug use, dangerous sports, cancer, liver or heart disease, diabetes, lupus, uncontrolled blood pressure, MS, ALS or even driving convictions such asd DUI are common reasons for being declined life insurance.

Since every individual has a unique set of circumstances and every insurance policy has unique underwriting guidelines being declined insurance by one provider does not preclude you from being insured by another. Our job is to match you to an insurance policy that is a good fit for you.

Declined life insurance? A second opinion costs nothing, simply complete the form on this page.

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