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Whether you are thinking about getting life insurance for the first time or your life insurance is up for renewal, here are some things for you to consider.

What are you looking to achieve?

Everybody needs life insurance at some point in their lives, most of us need it through our entire lives. The reasons for wanting life insurance are many and varied but most people don't want to leave a financial burden for the people that are left behind. If you were not around who would pay.... the mortgage/rent, Hydro bills, gas bill, property taxes, food, car payments etc. Even if none of these apply there are always the funeral expenses.  Peace of mind comes from knowing your loved ones are covered in the event of your death.

How long do I need life insurance for?

Circumstances change throughout our lives. It is little wonder life insurance policies that cover specific lengths of time, known as term life, are the most popular. Term life insurance policies give the opportunity to re-assess your needs at the end of each term based on your lifestyle at that time. No-one knows what their lives might look like in 10 years time. Some clients choose to match the term of their policy to the duration of their mortgage with the security of knowing the cost of the policy is fixed and their mortgage is covered. Other, particularly more mature clients, opt for whole life insurance with the certaintly of having coverage for a fixed cost for the rest of their lives.

How much will I pay?

How much you pay, also known as the monthly premium, depends on how much cover you need, the length of the policy and who is being covered. Age, whether you smoke, how much alcohol you drink, family history, medical history, physical build and gender, amongst other things, all influence how much people pay for their life insurance. This is nothing to be concerned about, obtaining life insurance is a relatively simple process and we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Insurance Broker vs Insurance Agent

People that use an insurance broker pay less for their life insurance. Insurance brokers are licensed to sell policies from multiple insurance companies, are free to search the market and obtain multiple competing quotes to get the best deal for their clients. Insurance agents work for a single insurance company and are typically limited to products from that one company. It has been said that agents work for the insurance company and insurance brokers work for their customers.

Local, Expert, Advice

There are a multitude of life insurance policies available in Ontario with lots of options. Without expert advice finding the best policy for you can be quite overwhelming. Nothing beats sitting down with a local, Windsor Life Insurance expert to determine the best option for you. Simply fill in the form on this page for a FREE, no obligation life insurance quote backed by expert knowledge and advice.

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